Apple and Comcast are in preliminary talks to partner on a streaming TV service that would reserve a congestion-free portion of the cable operator’s broadband service to ensure smooth video delivery, the Wall Street Journal reported late Sunday.

Details are scarce considering the early nature of the negotiations. But if talks come to fruition, such a venture would mark a breakthrough for Apple, which has futilely attempted many times to get in on the TV business but failed to come to terms on any of the variety of tie-ups that have been discussed.

Prospect of a deal emerges weeks after Comcast announced a deal with Netflix that gave the streaming service placement on the cable operator’s broadband network. The arrangement with Apple, however, would be different because the congestion clearance would be on the so-called “last mile” of broadband pipe before the subscriber’s home as opposed to inside Comcast’s own network.

But Netflix has since publicly aired reservations about the deal, with CEO Reed Hastings calling for the FCC to reclassify peering arrangements under the auspices of network neutrality.