MADRID – Driving ever more into the multi-channel digital entertainment universe, Endemol Beyond, an initiative launched last November to drive the uber-producer’s digital video business, has tapped Spanish TV exec Francisco Asensi as managing director, Endemol Beyond Spain.

Asensi’s brief is to oversee and build Endemol Spaiin’s digital vid ventures. These include Tuiwok Studios, a multichannel digital network which launched on YouTube in 2013. It features high-profile Spanish YouTubers, plus characters and content from Endemol.

Asensi has his work cut out. One of an increasingly vast spread of ad-supported networks around the world using platforms such as YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Dailymotion, Tuiwok Studios currently notches up about 40 million monthly views off its 65 premium channels.

They pale before uber multi-channel networks such as music label Vevo, which had 6 billion views over the last 30 days. But Tuiwok compares to Zodiak Active, the digital content division of rival TV producer Zodiak, with 30 million views in the last month, per IHS Technology figures.

“In many instances, we’ve seen broadcasters and producers buy into YouTube channels to exploit their own content which wouldn’t necessarily play to broadcast audiences and sell advertising around them, using YouTube for distribution,” said Richard Broughton, head of broadband at IHS Technology.

He added: “There’s a long-term strategic view that many people take in that, if there’s a danger that online video is going to eat their traditional broadcasting lunch, they should get into it now and be well-positioned to take a leading role. Endemol has the advantage of not having to rely on third-party content.”

Asensi formerly directed digital strategy at Spanish pubcaster RTVE.