Chastened Visual Effects Society Refocuses Its Mission

Org abandons advocacy for Calif. vfx industry

Visual Effects Society: Chastened org refocuses

The Visual Effects Society started out with the idea that a full-fledged Hollywood craft needed a guild, a trade association and an honorary society. The VES would be the honorary society.

When a vfx guild and trade org never coalesced, VES took up advocacy, even pushing for tax incentives to keep the vfx biz in California. That displeased much of its membership, which spans many countries.

So as 2014 dawns, explains VES executive director Eric Roth, “We have spent a long time taking a fresh look at who we are and feel great reaffirming that we are an honorary society and we are global. We are all about understanding, recognizing and promoting the artists and the artistry all around the world.”

Education is high on the to-do list now, including education for its members (not famous for their business acumen) and for the rest of the industry, says Roth. “It’s all about recognizing that the worldwide effort related to creating incredible imagery is growing, and VES will reflect that.”