What if the creators of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” produced Netflix’s political drama “House of Cards” in a similar way?

District 7 Media, the company behind the time lapse footage in the opening credits for “Cards,” recreated the title sequence to resemble the hit zombie show and the result is a clever mash up that works surprisingly well.

There may not be any walking dead in the new version, but Bear McCreary’s theme song and the tone of dread in Robert Kirkman’s series are all there.

“We decided to combine our two favorite shows with an overhaul of their intros and showcase them with this parody video,” said District 7’s Drew Garaci on Vimeo, where the sequence was posted. “We combined the theme of ‘The Walking Dead’ and incorporated as many elements from ‘House of Cards’ that we could. Since the original (‘House of Cards’) intro is nearly 90 seconds long and (‘The Walking Dead’) intro is only 35 seconds it was quite the challenge fitting in all of the credits and choosing the best scenes that represent the darker side of the show.”

Elastic produces the full “Cards” opening credits.