Mike Robinson, who has long overseen antipiracy efforts for the MPAA, will retire in March and will be succeeded by Dean Marks, currently senior VP of intellectual property at Warner Bros.

Robinson, whose title is executive vice president for content protection and chief of operations, joined the MPAA in 2006 and helped focus the association’s antipiracy efforts on criminal operations that trafficked in infringement.

Marks, who will be executive vice president, deputy general counsel and chief of global content protection, will join the MPAA in January. At Warner Bros. he is responsible for copyright related issues, digital rights management and content protection technology.

MPAA chairman Chris Dodd said that Marks “has an impressive record protecting intellectual property rights and is one of the most knowledgeable in the field.”

Before he joined the MPAA, Robinson was director of the Michigan State Police. After 9/11, he was appointed the assistant administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, responsible for U.S. commercial aviation security. Dodd called Robinson “an exceptional leader during his time at the MPAA.”