Following the six-car pileup that left Tracy Morgan and others in critical condition, Morgan’s rep Lewis Kay released an update on Sunday that said Morgan’s condition is improving, but still critical. He is expected to remain in the hospital for several more weeks.

“While Tracy remains in critical condition, he has been more responsive today, which is an incredibly encouraging sign,” the statement reads. “He sustained a number of injuries including a broken leg, a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs.  He had surgery earlier today on his leg.  We expect him to remain in the hospital for several weeks.  His family is tremendously overwhelmed and appreciative of the outpouring of love and support from his fans.”

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The “30 Rock” star was in a limousine that crashed after a dozing driver failed to observe slow-moving traffic ahead and struck the limo in the rear. The limo flipped to its left side and lost control, hitting other cars.

Morgan was returning home from a standup comedy gig in Delaware. According to hospital spokesman Peter Haigney, a total of four crash victims were brought to the hospital, with three in critical condition and one in fair condition.