Todd Soundelux, the post-production house with roots stretching back to the 1950s, closed permanently July 10.

Todd Soundelux declared bankruptcy earlier this year. Leslie Cohen, the lawyer who was handling the company’s attempts to find a buyer, confirmed to Variety that the company had shuttered.

“We are working with a liquidator to sell the equipment,” Cohen said. “We will also sell the Hollywood Edge sound library.” Cohen added that with the company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a buyer couldn’t be found fast enough to keep clients in place.

Cohen said that few if any employees remained at Todd Soundelux at the end.

Todd-AO was founded to promote Mike Todd’s widescreen cinema format in the early 1950s. The system was a success but the company shifted into the sound business. Soundelux was founded in 1982 by Lon Bender and Wylie Stateman. Liberty Media purchased Soundelux in 1990 and Todd-AO in 2005, but the companies spun off as part of CSS Studios in 2008.

Empire Investment Holdings acquired CSS Studios in 2012 and the next year CSS was renamed Todd Soundelux. But the branding didn’t help, and the company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2014.