Time Warner’s top executive predicted Tuesday that the growing availability of top content on an on-demand basis would help media companies flourish in the years ahead.

“You have demand for the programming beginning on demand, not just here but around the world, which is bringing billions more viewers into the process,” said Jeff Bewkes, who has served as CEO of the media conglomerate for about six years. “It is absolutely the golden age of video programming.”

According to Bewkes, video-on-demand rights have been established at the majority of cable and satellite distributors. The key now, he said, is to make the programming easier for consumers to access.

“The beauty of on-demand is you have everything. The problem you have is, ‘It’s too much. How do I get to it?’ That becomes the next piece for such a valuable set of rights and good programming. The big part of it is it’s been paid for, it’s available. The small part is that it’s not been made easy to use.”

He cited Apple and Netflix as companies that have devised an interface that makes it easy for consumers to choose content to watch or download.

Bewkes made his remarks at a conference sponsored by IESE Business School and Variety.