Indie producer Ted Hope has joined the chorus of critics expressing concerns over a new proposal that would allow content providers to pay for faster Internet delivery.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler caused a stir on Thursday when he said he intends to circulate a set of rules that could end net neutrality.

Under the new plan, companies would be allowed to negotiate with broadband providers for faster online delivery of videos and other content.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing for consumers, for the content creators, for anyone who doesn’t have a huge stack of cash to pay for priority basis,” said Hope, the CEO of Fandor, a San Francisco-based online platform for independent films. “I think it’s the opposite of the promise of the Internet. I think it’s the opposite of the promise of America.”

The proposal will come to a vote with the FCC on May 15.

“I’m not in favor of paying a fast-track access,” Hope said. “The Internet is a communication platform. It should be treated the same way as telephoning.”