The Supreme Court is holding a conference on Friday, Jan. 10, when it will meet to decide whether to grant review to a number of cases including broadcasters’ challenge to the legality of startup Aereo.

If it does make a decision, it is expected to be disclosed in the next couple of days afterward.

The television networks are asking the court to review lower court rulings that have let Aereo continue offering digital streams of their signals without their consent. In a surprise move, Aereo last month also requested Supreme Court review, arguing that it was better for the justices to resolve the issue rather than let several courts across the country issue separate rulings.

The Supreme Court has been prone to step in when circuit courts issue conflicting opinions. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York last spring sided with Aereo, while the 9th Circuit has yet to issue a ruling over the legality of an Aereo rival, FilmOn X. The 9th Circuit heard oral arguments in late August in Pasadena.