As the train that would kill her bore down on Sarah Jones, she did what a well-trained camera tech is supposed to do: protect the camera gear. That’s the kind of dedication friends and co-workers had come to expect from Jones.

The South Carolina native was an intern on “Army Wives” after college, and quickly became the most popular member of the show’s crew.

Later she did stints on “The Vampire Diaries,” and became a member of the Intl. Cinematographers Guild. Eric Henson, who befriended her on the “Vampires” shoot, recalled, “She had a lust for life I was very envious of.” After a 15-hour day on the show that would leave him exhausted, he said Jones would ask him, “Where are we going out?”

She loved to hike and travel to adventurous places. Now her face has been on the Oscars and her name, memorialized on slates around the world, has traveled farther than she ever could in her 27 years of life.

Her brother, Eric, remembers the last day he saw her, the Tuesday before she died. They went shoe shopping. “She said she wanted something girly,” he says, “because she never got to wear anything girly on her job, it was so dominated by men.” She picked out a pair of Nikes with bright pink laces, but reconsidered — too girly. She settled on bright green laces instead.

Eric says he was told she was wearing them when she died.