Saban Brands is splitting itself into two divisions — entertainment and lifestyle — as the company expands its portfolio beyond the “Power Rangers” franchise.

The move is meant to enable each division to focus on growing their properties.

For example, the entertainment arm will produce films, TV shows and digital content around “Power Rangers,” “Julius Jr.,” and “Digimon Fusion.” Other projects in development include “Popples,” “Luna Petunia” and “Emojiville” for a variety of entertainment platforms.

A new “Power Rangers” film is currently in development that Lionsgate will release in 2016.

Meanwhile, the lifestyle group manages Saban’s ownership of the Paul Frank clothing line, whose mascot is Julius, an animated monkey.

Dan Castle, managing director of strategic business development, oversees the lifestyle division, which was launched to expand Saban Brands into fashion and other categories. It recently acquired Macbeth, an apparel, footwear and accessories brand inspired by musicians.

Castle is based out of Saban’s New York offices and show room, reporting to Elie Dekel, president of Saban Brands. Dekel also oversees Saban Brands Entertainment.

“Saban Brands Lifestyle Group’s focus is to actively acquire and grow brands that have a passionate consumer following,” Castle said.

Saban Brands was formed in 2010 as an affiliate of Saban Capital Group.

At the time, the goal was for Saban Brands to build a portfolio of properties that it could build as brands across a variety of marketing, distribution, licensing and retail platforms.

The company created a global content distribution unit to handle “Power Rangers” and other properties in September.

“We have proven our approach to brand management and expansion, so these new units were a natural progression for us,” said Dekel, who led the company’s expansion from the Los Angeles headquarters. “With the development of Saban Brands Lifestyle group and Saban Brands Entertainment group, we now have the opportunity to further elevate our current and future portfolio of properties in each of these sectors.”