Russell Crowe’s Top 3 Religious-Themed Stops on ‘Noah’ Tour

The Paramount Pictures star has hung out with nuns and an archbishop

Darren Aronofsky and Russell Crowe attends
Franco Origlia/Getty Images

With “Noah,” Russell Crowe has proven that he’s the rare A-list actor who can successfully market his movie on social media.

While many younger actors would roll their eyes at doing the same, the 50-year-old Oscar winner has been using Twitter (where he has 1.44 million followers) to document every step of his “Noah” world press tour, and remind fans about all the religious experiences he’s had along the way. Crowe has released information about market research for the Paramount Pictures release, too, like with this tweet from March 21:

Thanks to these and other press-relations efforts, “Noah” has so far grossed $101 million worldwide since it was released overseas on March 21. Here are some of the highlights of Crowe’s Twitter journey, which has made stops in Moscow, Rome, Los Angeles, New York, Dublin, London and Paris.

1. England, Archbishop of Canterbury
April 1
Crowe said he saw a picture of his old pal Hugh Jackman while visiting Lambeth Palace. He met with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to talk about spirituality.

2. Brazil, Christ the Redeemer
March 21
Crowe snapped this shot in Rio de Janeiro.

3. The Vatican, Pope Meet-and-Greet
March 19
Crowe has long been Tweeting Pope Francis about “Noah.” While the Pope doesn’t watch movies, and may not have had a one-on-one conversation with Crowe, the “Noah” team still went to the Vatican to listen to a sermon. Crowe hung out with these nuns in the VIP section of St. Peter’s Square.