Robert Redford Honored with Walden Woods Project’s Global Environmental Leadership Award

Robert Redford Sundance Distrubution
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Robert Redford will be the second recipient of the Walden Woods Project’s global environmental leadership award this year.

Redford will be presented with the award on Sept. 16 at the Citi Performing Arts Center/Wang Theatre in Boston for his “life-long passion for nature and issues of social justice.” The event will feature Walden Woods Project founder Don Henley, who will both present Redford with the award and perform with the Eagles.

“Bob Redford was an environmentalist long before the well-being of our natural resources became an international concern,” said Henley in a statement. “Throughout his extraordinary career as an acclaimed actor, director and producer, he has devoted himself to myriad environmental initiatives too lengthy to enumerate.”

The first biannual global environmental leadership award was presented to Bill Clinton in 2012 “for his landmark efforts to address climate change via the Clinton Climate Initiative/Clinton Foundation.” The award is given to recognize achievement in climate stability and global environmental policies.

The 24-year old Walden Woods Project serves to preserve the land of the Walden Woods, made famous by the legacy of Henry David Thoreau, as well as provide other conservation efforts that address his philosophies. Proceeds from the fundraising event will be used to support the project and charity.