The video of Ray Rice punching his fiance in a casino elevator was sent to NFL security chief Jeffrey Miller in April, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and league officials have repeatedly denied ever seeing the tape, which was released by TMZ on Sept. 8. But two weeks ago, the law enforcement official provided AP with a voice mail from the league’s corporate office in April in which a woman confirms receipt of the package, saying, “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

Miller, through an NFL spokesman on Thursday, denied ever receiving the footage.

“I unequivocally deny that I received at any time a copy of the video, and I had not watched it until it was made public on September 8,” he said in a statement.

The NFL’s handling of the Rice assault has ignited a firestorm of criticism the past month, with critics calling for Goodell’s resignation.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons was suspended Wednesday for calling Goodell a “liar” in a recent podcast and dared his own network to discipline him for his profanity-laced tirade, which they did for three weeks.

Goodell has since apologized for his role in the poor-decision making related to Rice’s suspension, which went from two games to indefinitely, following TMZ’s posting of the video.

The AP’s source, speaking anonymously, said that he decided to reveal Miller’s identity after the NFL recently launched an investigation into the handling of the Ray Rice incident.

“No one from the NFL ever asked me for the inside-elevator video,” the official said Thursday. “I mailed it anonymously to Jeff Miller because he’s their head of security. I attached a note saying: `Ray Rice elevator video. You have to see it. It’s terrible.’ I provided a number for a disposable cellphone and asked for confirmation that it was received. I knew there was a possibility Mr. Miller may not get the video, but I hoped it would land in the right hands.”