New Line and Warner Bros. have promoted publicity vet Candice McDonough to senior VP of publicity and corporate communications, with expanded duties relating to Warner production, distribution and executive news.

In her new post, McDonough, who previously served as VP of publicity and corporate communications since 2011, will also work with Warner’s Theater Ventures, which is overseen by New Line prexy Toby Emmerich. McDonough will report to both Emmerich and Susan Fleishman, head of Warner’s worldwide corporate communications and public affairs.

“Candice has great instincts, great contacts and really gets the film business,” said Emmerich.  “She is a valued member of the New Line family and we’ll continue to look to her to help us navigate the ever-changing entertainment media.”

Fleishman added: “Candice’s outstanding relationships with the media, creative community and executives enable her to effectively communicate our company’s information in an age of 10-second sound bites and 140-character tweets.”

McDonough joined New Line in 2001 before she was named VP of publicity and corporate communications in 2008. She began working with the Warner team in 2011.