Louis C.K. Asks TMZ to Remove Video of Tracy Morgan Crash

Louis CK to release first feature
Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic

Louis C.K. has asked TMZ to remove a video of the horrific crash scene involving his friend and fellow comedian Tracy Morgan. Sunday’s highway accident left one dead and four injured, including Morgan, who remains hospitalized in critical condition.

“Take it down TMZ,” he wrote on Twitter. “Now. Please.”

The footage, taken by a passerby shortly after the fatal crash, allegedly shows comedian Ardie Fuqua being lifted out of the limousine wreckage and onto a New Jersey freeway while unconscious.

Fuqua, who appeared in the first season of “Louie,” was the opening act at Morgan’s comedy show the night before in Delaware.

“(Artie’s) brave daughter has asked them to take it down,” C.K. said on Twitter. “They won’t.”

The Emmy-winning comedian went on to ask millions of Twitter of followers to boycott the video as well.


So far, the celebrity news site has yet to withdraw the video.

Morgan, who suffered a broken femur,broken nose and several broken ribs in the six-car accident, is expected to remain hospitalized for several weeks.

The Walmart truck driver who struck Morgan’s limousine, killing comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, has pled not guilty to vehicular homicide.

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  1. nealhugh says:

    Oldman here is sorta dumb about Gibson… I like his work but not this interview…

  2. echo sierra says:

    Really? From the guy who tells people to lighten up about his misogynist/bigotted rants. It’s online. If it was put up by the local newspaper or T.V. station it’s online through everyone who shared it. Forever..

  3. crush says:

    They had Princess Diana’s crash all over the news, internet, media why would they take down a 60 second vid of Tracy’s accident he’s famous wealthy it comes with the territory you can’make millions off of being famous and then when something goes wrong expect privacy its insane!

  4. chris says:

    I had no idea there was a video, much less would I have ever had a reason to go to TMZ. Way to go Louis, you Streisand’d it.

  5. The sad thing is if Tracy and Ardie weren’t famous / well known entertainers, most people wouldn’t care if this crash video was posted on entertainment websites.

  6. BeeK says:

    “Take a video off the internet.” Yeah okay. While we are at it we will just get gravity to stop drowning people.

  7. Casey Grim says:

    I just got finished calling and emailing TMZ. I know it’s a bitch and it feels stupid to do it, but you should too. Our country is struggling right now, and people have really lost touch with humanity. I’ve seen people joking about deaths more than ever. This is super not good, because with the 1% and our government against us, we need to show kindness and empathy more than ever. If you can’t afford your rent, the least you can afford is concern for others. Sorry for the rant, but, you know, showing footage of an accident (especially one in which people DIED) is fucked up. If you don’t wanna write your own long ass complaint, feel free to copy and paste mine:
    “Please remove the footage of Tracy Morgan’s accident. I appreciate and admire your site’s work to keep everyone in the know on celebrities and their lifestyles, but this isn’t about gossip or scandals, this is about tragedy. This was a horrible incident in which a human being died and others may die. The dust hasn’t settled. Sharing this footage so openly and comfortably will affect how our children view the world. It will increase the apathy that is already running rampant in our country. I know you’re better than this, because you’re human beings. And I’m sure a lot of you didn’t want to post it, and some upper management prick probably insisted it was worth it. But please, please please please think of our youth, think of the families hurt by this.Please use your powers to show us when celebrities fuck up or try to fart somewhere private because fuck celebrities. But they’re still human beings, and when they die, it should still be seen as a loss. When Paul Walker died and everyone started making jokes about his death immediately after, that was a sign that we need to access our values. Please don’t make one of your values the belittling of human life. Thank you.”
    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to do this. Their number is (888) 847-9869 and this is the link to their contact page: http://www.tmz.com/contact/contact-us
    It probably won’t do any good but we might as well feel like we did something.

  8. TMZ is the classless toilet of the internet.
    Sadly, they’re allowed to subsist because apparently people like classless toilets.

  9. peter dong says:

    Give it to em in d bum!

  10. Of course they didn’t take it down. TMZ has no concern for normal peoples sense of decorum or class. Besides, they feel, pages views are awesome so fuck you!

  11. maryanne says:

    Take it down

  12. doulameraki says:

    Thank you for not posting the picture too. Just thank you.

  13. Show some class and compassion TMZ, take it down now!! You have nothing to gain, so for the sake of all concerned, have heart and take it down!!

    • richard says:

      That’s like asking the KKK to show some decency, tolerance and non- bigoted attitude. TMZ are just a bunch of moronic bottom feeders who exploit the worst in human nature and fill the world with crap, headed by a loser failed attorney who didn’t find whoring for dumb ass local tv news enough and found a new low becoming a trashy gossip queen. Be realistic.

  14. Timothy Tran says:

    The people behind TMZ sure are disgusting

  15. Sue Few says:

    Louis C.K., you are “good people”……

  16. The fantasy is that Louis C.K. is your friend. The reality is that he’s an extremely wealthy entertainer who makes his living living in a fantasy world that the public pays for with their money and attention.

    While it’s tragic that his friend (another privileged individual) was in a car accident and I sincerely hope that he lives and is restored to health, this feels really disingenuous on some level. Sure TMZ makes their money shamelessly reporting on “tragedy”. Sure that doesn’t come across as noble or even positive. But that’s part of the special world entertainers are saddled with and it’s the “negative” that comes with all those “positives” like the $2.5 million home Louis C.K. just purchased.

    I’m a fan of Louis C.K. as a comedian and I think he’s also an innovative writer of drama but this “Take it down. Now.” appeal to the TMZ people really comes across as Louis C.K. leveraging his fan base for public moral support for a friend. Where was his outrage when some lunatic went on a shooting rampage in Isla Vista? How about the other mass murders that have happened recently? They’re not worthy of a Tweet? When it’s a personal friend, the world is supposed to get behind Louis C.K. and storm a sleazy media outlet?

    That might seem righteous to some people but it comes across as narcissistic to me. Tell you what. When Louis C.K. starts asking for evils to stop that affect the average person, I’ll start caring about what he wants. If that comes across as harsh or mean, too f*cking bad. There were other people killed in that car accident and I seriously doubt Louis C.K. would have done anything like this if his friend hadn’t been one of them. You want to get “real” Louis? Do it consistently.

    • Jeremy says:

      Why not animal rights? Or support of gay marriage? Or fighting against gay marriage? The man has a powerful voice via his twitter following, and he has every right to appeal to that following to stop a sleazy website from profiting off of a tragedy involving his friends.

      • homeslice robinson says:

        you have too much time on your hands and are wasting it by forming opinions about the wrong things. join a support group or STFU

    • Dan says:

      I completely disagree with you on this. Do you make a tweet or facebook post for every single shitty thing that happens in the news? No. Because something shitty happens every where every single day. You literally wouldn’t be physically able to make a post about every single one of those shootings or stabbings or rapes or robberies or what ever else. Celebrities are not activists, they have no requirement to voice some opinion about every tragic event that happens. But if it involves someone you know on a personal level, you are going to be more inclined to want to say something as it is someone you know personally. That’s all it is. It’s not some celebrity trying to get more famous or “leverage his fan base” conspiracy or what ever other crap. It’s a guy who’s friend was in a car accident (that might kill him) wanting footage of it taken down off a website where people are gawking at it treating it as if it’s a movie and not people getting hurt and dying. You’d want the same for your friend if your friend was in a wreck and there was video footage of the near fatal incident plastered all over the web. This has nothing to do with him being a celebrity and it’s absurd for you to think it is and shows that you’re one of those people who think famous people owe you something just because they happen to be in a better off position than you. Or happen to be where you wish you could be. At the end of the day, no matter how much money or nice a house they have, famous people are people with feelings and friends that they care about deeply just like the rest of us.

      • To answer your first question, yes I usually DO protest everything that is immoral on social media.

        The comment isn’t about me though, it’s about Louis C.K. Nice try.

        Also, I never said he owed me or anyone else ANYTHING. Again, nice try.

        The only thing Louis C.K. seems to care about is HIMSELF. Visit his website. Its ONLY about making money. That’s it.

        The point that I am making, even though it’s lost on you, is that he’s playing off his fan base as if he’s got some moral outrage but it really is (as you’ve indicated) about his FEELINGS. Guess what? The friends of all the other people in that accident have feelings too and I’m guessing (a) they don’t have MILLIONS that should free up enough time to do something other than just focus on themselves, and (b) they know that Louis C.K. couldn’t care less about THEIR feelings or those other people who have been injured.

        Finally, in response again to your initial question, my post was an example of one of the many things that I do protest – in this case rich white male privilege disguised as “caring friend morally outraged at the insensitivity of a tabloid”.

        Louis C.K. signed up for everything that accompanies his wealth, including the sh*tty media predators and, since he’s never complained before it impacted him, he shouldn’t whine now… and he especially shouldn’t try to exploit the people who have made him wealthy.

      • Ryan in L.A. says:

        I agree, and I agree it’s a little disingenuous. I’m a huge fan of Louis CK but he’s misstepping into “do-gooder” territory here and that’s completely out of character for him. To me he’s a brilliant social satirist and this tweet makes him sound like just another garden-variety celeb with their lazy “social justice” cause. This is a first for him and it just feels off-base to attack TMZ for what TMZ has always done.

        That being said, TMZ needs to decide just how far it wants to go as it pertains to posting distressing content as entertainment. The “Tracy Morgan Crash Video” looks eerily close to the types of videos you would see on the gore sites where real life death and injury becomes fodder. And if TMZ won’t self-regulate then maybe the laws should allow victims of such intrusion to sue in civil court.

    • Kim Thoré says:

      Good insight—I was a fan of Louis CK until his stand up involved a bit about pedophilia –as a father himself I thought it was tasteless and quite frankly creepy even for him and his this makes me uncomfortable but I’m laughing anyway brand of comedy . I don’t follow Louis CK on Twitter but I agree that this seems disingenuous.

      • considering Louis C.K.’s material i find it hard to a bit much he’s the one talking about decency. Yes, he will go “anywhere” for a laugh (like Tosh) and if it offends someone or everyone? who cares? his bit on Conan a few years ago made him a mainstream talent in comedy but his material is, for the most part, disgusting and lacks any real decency.


      • TY says:

        Kim Thore the “Selectively Offended” type. This guy tells hundreds of thousands of jokes you pick out one and all of a sudden Louis ck is worst comic in the world . It’s all about you.

      • Meefo King says:

        No you just made up your mind that you don’t like him because of a joke that made you uncomfortable, and now you are finding/ inventing reasons to support your dislike. Petty; but hey, knock yourself out..

    • The standard of “consistency” offered is pure craziness. None of us would be motivated to address TMZ on this or any incident unless there is a personal connection, as is the case with Louie. As for the loopy stuff about whether we think we the audience are Louie’s friends, that is a leap. Much of his comedy comes from daring to make sharp observations, and so he has my respect. TMZ, conversely, and their ilk, produce nothing I want and are the adversaries of those who do produce it. They are parasites. Their websites would make excellent targets for hacking by Anonymous. I would be embarrassed to have their address in my browser. How’s that for being real? Celebrities don’t have to weigh in on Isla Vista as you suggest. It’s difficult enough for Americans to cooperate with The President of the United States getting weapons away from unstable people. Louis has every right to advocate for the concerns of his colleague’s daughter regarding the removal of the accident footage.

      • bws2158 says:

        kenneth mcgrath — you’re a pretentious ass. you’re making this about stuff it just isn’t about. it’s not about whether or not louis ck is a “great guy.” It’s about the question of morality when it comes to showing a car accident in which people died, period. it’s poor taste, period. i’d take the same moral stance and i don’t know tracy morgan (or any of the others involved) personally. if i did, i’d feel compelled to be more vocal about it. i’m sure louis ck didn’t post that tweet as a publicity stunt to get people to like him. HIS website is about him because people are fans of HIM, his act, and his show. it’s his profession. you’re a perfect example of someone who seems intelligent but is actually a total moron.

      • Consistency, in this case, is about showing moral outrage for anything that doesn’t impact him directly… which he hasn’t really done on social media.

        The point about “friendship” isn’t loopy either. What appears to be lost on you is the fact that his fan base think he’s a “great guy” just because he makes people laugh. He might be. He might be a f*cking awesome person. But he doesn’t *DO* anything outside of his career to demonstrate that. So, the comment is really meant to address the veil of comedic/entertainer persona; that it gives us zero insight about his actual moral character.

        If he was my friend, I’d be real and tell him personally “Dude, your website, your show, your tour and everything you do is all about YOU and your wealth and success. So, whining about a video that offends you is lame. You never complained before about TMZ on social media and now you’re asking your fan base to blast them with protest? That’s really self-centered man… and you need to look at that sh*t.”

        Because a REAL friend would get real. Since I’m not actually the guy’s friend, I’ve just posted my observation. You don’t like it? I don’t care. You disagree? Fine.

    • Brendan says:

      Just one correction: Jimmy Mack was the only fatality of this accident. The article says, “The highway accident left one dead and four injured.”

    • Pedro McCullen says:

      A well written response. My only question is whether it was worth the time it took you to write this to prove that you’re an idiot.

      • I never feel like an idiot when I speak the truth and I never feel like it’s a waste of time, either. Sorry, bro. Nice try.

      • Luis says:

        This reply made my day. Its brilliant. Thank You.

      • Florian says:

        So Louis C.K. needs to tweet about every accident? Your comparison with a mass murder is beyond stupid. TMZ might react to thousands of potential customers reactions a mass murderer won’t. And yes Louis is more emotionally affected by something happening to his friend. Like every other human being.

  17. Pedro McCullen says:

    Right on, Louis C.K.! Someone needs to raise a voice.

    • megramaz says:

      So how many of you then went to TMZ to look at the video. I agree with LCK but think he just drove tons of people who wouldn’t have otherwise seen the video right to TMZ’s website. No I wasn’t one of them.

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