Isaac Levenbrown, who designed and installed high-end audio-video systems and screening rooms for Hollywood’s top talent agencies, law firms, executives, agents, attorneys and celebrities, died on Nov. 29 at his home on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, after a long battle with throat cancer.  He was 65.

Levenbrown’s industry clients included Endeavor, Paradigm, Michael Ovitz, Jerry Perenchio, Skip Brittenham, Sharon Stone (with Ralph Lauren), Dustin Hoffman, Matt Reeves, Paul Feig, Barry Diller, Arnold Kopelson, Roddy McDowall, Jennifer Garner, Mort Marcus and attorney Debbie Klein.

Born in Brooklyn, Levenbrown studied film at UCLA, where he graduated with a degree in fine arts.

Three years ago, Levenbrown moved to Virginia, where he became an award-winning painter of oversized portraits.

He is survived by his wife, writer-producer Jessica Klein; his sister, Cheryl Levenbrown; his children, APA vice president Joshua Levenbrown, Brittany Levenbrown, Jonathan Levenbrown; his stepdaughter, Shira Rose; and three grandchildren.

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