Jeff Berg’s Resolution has settled its dispute with ICM Partners over its claim to commissions from agents who left ICM for his upstart agency.

No details were disclosed in the settlement, but a dismissal of the case was filed on March 24.

In a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in October, Resolution sought declaratory relief that it “owes no duty to pay over” to ICM commissions it earns “on any matters negotiated on behalf of clients, whether through such employees or otherwise.”

Resolution said in its suit that it was objecting to claim letters that ICM sent “reserving rights” to commissions from former agents.

“ICM Partners contends that Resolution has to pay ICM Partners commissions Resolution earns for some deals Resolution either has negotiated or will negotiate through the agents who used to be ICM Partners employees,” Resolution’s suit stated.

Lawrence Iser, Howard Weitzman and Kristen Spanier of Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump & Aldisert represented ICM. A representative of the firm said that the matter was “resolved confidentially.”

Joseph Taylor and Tiffany Caterina of Liner Law represented Resolution.

Berg started Resolution last year after a long career at the helm of ICM, including serving as chairman and chief executive.