Haim Saban Says He’ll Contribute ‘As Much As Needed’ to a Hillary Clinton Campaign

Haim Saban
Shani Barel

Asked in a Bloomberg TV interview what kind of financial commitment he was ready to make to getting Hillary Clinton elected president should she decide to run,  media mogul Haim Saban signaled that he was prepared to contribute “as much as needed.”

Saban, the executive chairman of Univision and CEO of Saban Capital Group, said that Clinton “would be great for the country and great for the world, so on issues I care about, she is pristine plus, and she is already plus plus and I hope that she can make the right decision.”

He added, “Obviously she has a life to lead, and is going to be a grandmother soon, and all of that obviously would be taken into consideration.”

Saban was among the top Democratic donors in the era of so-called “soft money,” in which parties could collect unlimited contributions, a practice that ended with campaign finance reform in 2002. The landscape changed with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, opening up a new era of unlimited campaign spending, and the rise of SuperPACs.

In 2012, Saban gave $1 million to Unity 2012, a joint fund-raising committee that split its funds between Priorities USA Act, a PAC supporting President Obama’s candidacy, and two other PACs backing House and Senate Democrats.

It’s expected that there will be a large infusion of campaign cash from wealthy donors in 2016 as well. Priorities USA Action is among the PACs planning to focus on Clinton’s candidacy if she decides to run.