Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction to Lionsgate Over ‘Expendables 3’ Piracy

Expendables 3 trailer

Lionsgate was granted a preliminary injunction on Friday in its attempt to limit the scope of piracy of “The Expendables 3” after a leaked high-quality copy of the film showed up on file-sharing sites.

U.S. District Judge Margaret Morrow earlier this week issued a temporary restraining order barring six sites from linking or hosting copies of the movie. But she extended that to an injunction after none of them responded.

Her order also prohibits any third party from “taking any action that induces, causes or materially contributes to” the infringement of Lionsgate’s copyright, including hosting, linking or providing access to such things as torrent files and trackers. She also ordered banks, payment processors and advertisers to shut down accounts connected to the sites.

In court filings, Lionsgate said that the copy of the movie was obtained through “fraudulent or otherwise unlawful means.” Within days of its July 24 discovery of the leak, the film was available on hundreds of websites. As of July 31, it was downloaded 2.1 million times worldwide on peer-to-peer networks, including 247,000 downloads in the U.S., according to the studio. About 21,000 of them were in the Los Angeles area.

Lionsgate also estimates that the movie was downloaded or streamed on “hundreds of thousands, or millions” of time outside of peer-to-peer networks. The studio’s contractor, MarkMonitor, sent 2,770 takedown notices, and while most complied, the studio named some of those that did not in its complaint. They include limetorrents.com, billionuploads.com, hulkfile.eu, played.to, swankshare.com and dotsemper.com.

Lionsgate said that an investigation of the leak is ongoing.