Brad Pitt Attacker Vitalii Sediuk Hit With Temporary Restraining Order

Brad Pitt Attacked: Files a Restraining
Jason Merritt/Getty

Action has been taken to protect Brad Pitt — at least temporarily — from the man who attacked him Wednesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of “Maleficent.”

A LAPD spokesperson has confirmed that a temporary restraining order has been filed against Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who struck Pitt in the face on the red carpet. Sediuk was arrested after the incident and remains in custody, with bail set at $20,000.

A temporary restraining order is issued in emergency cases by police and lasts five days. After the five days, if Pitt wants to make the restraining order longer, he will have to take the case to court.

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The attack occurred while Pitt was signing autographs with wife and “Maleficent” star Angelina Jolie in front of the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. According to witnesses, Sediuk jumped security barriers to get to the 50-year-old thesp and punch him in the face.

Security guards held Sediuk and he was subsequently arrested and booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery.

“This was an unfortunate and inappropriate incident that is being investigated by the LAPD,” a spokesperson for Disney, the distributor of “Maleficent,” told Variety.

Sediuk has made a reputation of pranking celebrities. Just this month, he attempted to crawl under America Ferrera’s dress at Cannes. The 25-year-old also crashed the Grammys last year and groped Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper. In 2012, he was slapped by Will Smith after Sediuk tried to kiss him during the “Men in Black 3” red carpet.

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  1. Matt Tran says:

    Why characterize this prank as a “punch” and an “attack”? It wasn’t being reported that way a day or two ago; initially, they said the prankster just rubbed Brad Pitt’s face, now it’s being called a punch apparently just so they can sway a judge to issue an order of protection. What’s the real story?

  2. Ivan says:

    So this crackpot enters/leaves the US with no problem, yet I (a 8th generation Canadian, with never so much as a parking ticket) get treated like I’m a terrorist at the border.

  3. Mel says:

    Why does he keep being referred to as a prankster? He’s harassing and attacking these people, not pranking them.

  4. Jim says:

    This guy has mental problems. Apparently, this is what people do to try to make a name for themselves when they have no talent and nothing useful to contribute to society.

  5. David says:

    I’m Ukranian.

  6. FriendlyKitty says:

    What a crazy guy, he needs to be stopped before he REALLY hurts someone.

  7. Dick Delson says:

    Brad, the next time he comes at you, punch his lights out.
    All the best.

  8. Nick Ahrens says:

    Really? A restraining order? What happened to knocking the d-bag out? Self defense…prominent actor…surely the local law enforcement would side with Pitt. Agreed…pu$$ move. Guys like the offender need their a$$es kicked.

  9. Sam says:

    Finally, someone taking legal action against the thug. There is no telling what this sick individual would do next but his actions are escalating into criminal. I wish Pitt would have gone into Fight Club mode and beat him to a pulp. I guess with the kids watching Pitt had to control himself.

    • David says:

      More like he’s just an actor and a wimp in real life?

      • NikL says:

        I didn’t turn off replies. I got your pathetic responses. And I’m done responding. You clearly are not rational.

      • NikL says:

        Tell you what; you walk up to him on the street and take a swing at him and see how much of a wimp he is. When he runs away from you, then you can call him a wimp. Until then, you are just running your mouth.

  10. David says:


  11. David says:

    First of all, I love a block away from Hollywood Blvd where they do these premiers about twice a month, and they have cops and security guarding it like the President is there, so I don’t know how he keeps getting in. Second of all, I’m sorry but Brad Pitt is such a b1tch for getting a restraining order. This guy does stuff on the red carpet, he doesn’t follow the celebrity home. Also, it’s not that big of a crime to break a restraining order, so if this Ukranian guy is the kind of guy who is going to jump over ropes that are heavily guarded by security and police to hit a celebrity in the face, I don’t think he’s going to pay much attention to a restraining order. In fact, he might break the restraining order just to get more attention.

    • NikL says:

      If someone walked up and punched you on the face in front of your family, and this person has a long history of assaulting people, what would you do? Turn the other cheek? Give him a big ole kiss? Pitt showed amazing restraint by not pummeling the jerk and I’m sure the whole of Hollywood is thrilled that he’s taken action. Maybe next time he’ll go after a child. It’s time he was locked up.

      • David, when did I say a restraining order would keep ANYONE from committing a crime? A restraining order serves more than one purpose. I may be an idiot, but at least I can read and not resort to childish name-calling.

      • David says:

        Toolofthesouth, Yeah, and a guy who is going to shoot up a crowd of people is going to go, “Oh, wait…I have a restraining order. I guess I can’t do it”. You’re an idiot.

      • Well David, his “history” is showing that he is escalating. What happens next when he shows up to a movie premiere and open fires on everyone causing mass death. Then YOU and others would start saying “well why wasn’t something done about this jerk earlier”? The signs are all here. This guy IS escalating. Chances are he wouldn’t open fire on a group of people. But his “history” shows that he just might take it up another notch… if he continues getting away with it. As for Pitt getting a restraining order, this is just standard procedure that really helps the prosecution when presenting there case to a grand jury. So it’s not pointless. It shows the plantiff felt threatened by the defendant.

      • David says:

        First of all, you can’t just say “What if he goes after a child next”. That’s not fair. He has no history of doing anything to children so you can’t just throw that in there to make the situation sound worse. Second of all, no I wouldn’t have turned the other cheek, I would have knocked him out, which is why I called him a wimp. Regardless, I didn’t say Pitt shouldn’t press charges against him, I said he shouldn’t have filed a restraining order. It does nothing. The person doesn’t get arrested for having a restraining order taken out on him. And you don’t have to file a restraining order to press charged for battery. So, like I said the first time, it was pointless. Maybe you should practice your reading skills before responding to any more comments.

    • therealeverton says:

      The way this is written it would seem the police have automatically filed the restraining order, not Pitt

      • David says:

        Well, I came here from IMDB news, and the title there was “Brad Pitt Files Temporary Restraining Order”. So maybe you’re right, but I was just going off what I read.

  12. HiThereHowAreYou says:

    Why are these actions called pranks?

    He seems to have a habit of engaging in battery and sexual assault.

    Not pranks.

    How on earth can he repeatedly sexually assault people in public and stay out of jail?

  13. Ed says:

    After last couple of ‘pranks’, would have made sense to put him on a ‘no fly list’ and avoid all of the drama. To bad the current judge can’t send him for a mental evaluation. Would keep him off the streets for a couple of days, and who knows, he might meet his true love?

  14. Vitalii Sediuk is a very ‘sick’ individual. He needs to be deported back to the Ukraine.

  15. Dan says:

    These aren’t “pranks”, he’s just attacking those with celebrity status. Needs some jail time or something.

  16. Yumbo says:

    Sounds like he has a daring benefactor.

  17. Chris Darling says:

    Now, perhaps people will understand why Emma Watson had an armed guard beside her when she graduated from Brown last week

  18. Troy says:

    Why do you give him the dignity by saying that he is “Pranking” when it is nothing short of assault and battery?

  19. peter says:

    Brad should have floored this asshole. For a starter, this Ukrainian should be deported back to the Ukraine and not allowed back into the USA. The next time Sediuk pulls some crap like this, the celeb should kick the shit out of him, and then Sediuk will think twice before pulling this kid of shit again!

  20. It just seems to get crazier out there, no one is safe. In view of current events, the law of averages would say we are surrounded by dangerously deranged people, one or any of whom who could go over the edge at any time. I don’t know what the solution is, if indeed there is one.

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