James Bond’s shaken, not stirred martini will be made with Belvedere Vodka in the British spy’s next film, “Spectre.”

The Polish spirits brand will back the new film with a considerable marketing campaign — its largest ever for a film, and most expensive global effort to promote its vodka, the company said.

Vodka maker Smirnoff had previously been featured in the 007 series. It was the first vodka brand to appear in the Bond films, starting with “Dr. No” in 1962. Finlandia also has appeared in the films.

The company behind Bond’s beverage of choice is considered a small but important role in the series — and one that a marketer can use to its advantage — given that the Vesper martini has been featured in most of the 23 films of the franchise. “Spectre” is the 24th.

Belvedere’s campaign will include PR, events and traditional advertising, including TV, in-theater and digital ads.

The company also will create a limited number of bottles that replace the iconic palace on its label with the M16 spy headquarters. The building will be prominently featured in “Spectre,” as it has been throughout the Bond franchise. The blue stamp on the bottle will also be turned green.

Another, the “007 Silver Saber,” will be a metal bottle that lights up with LEDs.

Beverage brands have long provided marketing dollars to the Bond films, especially beer maker Heineken over the years.

Heineken will return for “Spectre,” with Craig expected to star in a new ad for the company.

The Dutch company spent $3 million in product placement fees to be part of “Skyfall,” and an additional $45 million in marketing support, according to sources.

The new deal with Belevedere involves the vodka category only, and does not prevent Sony Pictures from bringing in other partners for other beverage categories, the way it also had Macallan whiskey in the previous film.

Belvedere made the announcement of the partnership with “Spectre” on Tuesday.

“Spectre” is filming now in the United Kingdom before moving to Austria and Mexico City.