LONDON — India and Canada signed a bilateral audiovisual co-production agreement on Monday.
India’s secretary for information and broadcasting, Bimal Julka, and Canada’s High Commissioner to India, Stuart Beck, signed the agreement in Delhi. Negotiations began in 2010.

This is Canada’s 55th co-production agreement. India has treaties in place with Italy, U.K., Germany, Brazil, France, New Zealand and Spain.

Co-productions made under the agreement would qualify as a national production in both of the partner countries and would access benefits that are available to both local film and television industries. These include government financial assistance, tax breaks, entry to awards and festivals and inclusion in domestic broadcast quotas. 

A press release from India’s MIB said that the agreement might lead to more use of Indian locales to shoot Canadian movies, increase the export of Indian films and lead to transparent funding systems.
Since the 1990s, several Indian films have shot in Canada, including “Thank You” and “International Khiladi”. Akshay Kumar, the star of these films, served as the Indian brand ambassador for the Canadian Tourism Commission from 2010-2012.
Canadian films set in India include “Amal” and “Cooking with Stella” (pictured). Deepa Mehta’s “Water,” though India-set, was filmed in Sri Lanka.