Visual effects studio Atomic Fiction has named Marc Sadeghi as its new prexy of vfx.

Atomic Fiction’s credits include “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “The Lone Ranger” and “Flight.”

Sadeghi has worked in live-action, post-production, feature and commercial vfx as well as content creation and animation. He was one of the principals at defunct San Francisco vfx studio the Orphanage. He was most recently exec VP and head of business development and marketing at Rising Sun Pictures.

Atomic Fiction has also elevated existing staffer Sandra Scott to Exec VP and head of production. Her previous experience includes work with vfx and digital features at Framestore and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

Co-founder Ryan Tudhope said that while Atomic Fiction does not have any formal arrangement with ILM, “our relationship has never been closer.”

Tudhope also added that Atomic Fiction plans to take on bigger jobs in the future.

“We’ve been extremely grateful for the chance contribute top-tier work to blockbuster films ever since our inception three years ago, and are really proud of the steady, calculated growth which has made that possible. To continue building on that success, we are expanding to take on larger projects and have every confidence that Marc, and our growing reputation for excellent work, will put us in a position to really knock those opportunities out of the park.”