Cox Award Honoree Thomas S. Cook Remembered for Standing Up to Bullies

“He had courage and heart,” Robert Eisele says of his late colleague.

Thomas cook WGA

“He had courage and heart,” Robert Eisele says of his colleague and longtime friend Thomas S. Cook, who will posthumously receive the Morgan Cox Award for service to the WGA.

“When one thinks of Writers Guild stuff, you don’t think of the term ‘courage’ necessarily,” Eisele says, “but when you’re standing up to the companies that employ you to lead a strike effort, that does take courage.”

Cook served on the WGAW’s board from 1995 to 1997. He was a strike captain during the WGA’s 1988 and 2007-08 strikes.

Eisele spent nearly 38 years working side-by-side with him, whether it was penning a pilot or leading a strike. “He was interested in justice and what was right, and he led accordingly,” Eisele says.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Cook was always what Eisele calls a “bully beater.”

“He would stand up to those who were oppressing others,” Eisele says. “He also inspired others to serve. The reason I’m active in the guild is because of Tom Cook.”