HONG KONG – Hit U.S. comedy show “Saturday Night Live” has begun to be shown online in China via Sohu Video.

Sohu, part of the NASDAQ-listed Sohu.com Inc., is carrying 10 episodes of the current 39th series. It will carry future episodes, unsubtitled, on Mondays in China, and subtitled versions a further five days later, on Saturdays.

Foreign TV channels are only allowed very limited access to China, but foreign content is imported or reformatted. On broadcast TV shows are subject to greater scrutiny than online video, a factor which has helped groups like Sohu and Youku-Tudou blossom.

Politics and sex are typically no-go areas for Chinese shows, but Sohu says it does not anticipate SNL being problematic.

“Things that are controversial in America are probably not controversial in China,” Sohu chairman and CEO Charles Zhang said. “And this talk show is in the spirit of fun and humor. I don’t think there will be any problem.”