MUMBAI – Film trade database Cinando is to operate a Chinese version from this month.

Cinando.cn will make its debut at FilMart, the Hong Kong film market taking place later this month (March 24-27). For the occasion, all films and participating companies will be presented on Cinando in both English text and Chinese characters. The new Chinese version will be updated for the Beijing film festival in April, Cannes and the Shanghai festivals in June.

The Chinese version of Cinando is launched in partnership with local trade paper The Chinese Film Market and the European Union’s MEDIA program.

“Cinando hopes to facilitate knowledge of industry players in China, and other countries. The systematic approach allowed by the database, which already counts a thousand mainland Chinese members, will make it easier to identify potential collaborations between Chinese and international partners. It is a first and necessary step towards the development of co-productions and economic exchanges between the Chinese film industry and the rest of the world,” said Jerome Paillard, executive director of the Cannes Market.