Twentieth Century Fox’s mind-bender “Gone Girl” impressed critics, and packed auds into theaters. But what did it do for the state of Missouri, where it was filmed?

A lot, it turns out. According to Fox, the pic’s pumped more than $7 million into the local economy. Helmed by David Fincher, the dark thriller shot in the town of Cape Girardeau. It hired 116 Missourians and used 1,400 extras. Cast and crew occupied 7,000 hotel room nights.

There will also be residual gains. Cape Girardeau has set up a driving tour of “Girl” locations. “Our area will benefit from tourism in years to come,” said Missouri state Representative Kathryn Swan.

Added MPAA chairman Chris Dodd: “(It’s) a great example of the enduring impact (shoots) … have on local communities. Movie and TV productions provide a tremendous boost to the economy.”

And in a state still recovering from the negative images spread by the protests in Ferguson, film tourism, even for a creepy movie, can only be a good thing.