“It was an editing dream,” says Krissy Boden, who cut “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.”

The story of a couple struggling to reclaim past happiness — helmed by Ned Benson and starring Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy — will ultimately be available in three versions, each looking at the relationship from a different perspective.

Originally shot as two separate movies — “Him” and “Her,” which respectively tell the story from McAvoy’s and Chastain’s characters point of view — the footage was then recut into the combined “Them” version, which opened in limited release Sept. 12. (“Him” and “Her” will subsequently open in L.A. and New York.)

“It’s not ‘Rashomon,’” says Boden, who spent more than six months on Avid systems editing the three pics in sequence. “It’s the subtlety of what you experience emotionally. Love stories are the most intense thing that happens to people, and it was a thrill to tell the story from these different sides. At first, it seemed like ‘Them’ would compromise the two very subjective, distinct other films, but in the end, it played nicely.”