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After “Gold Rush,” perhaps inevitably, comes “Silver Rush,”
a three-part Discovery Channel effort the network has chosen to air in one
night, on Feb. 24. So while women in particular are watching the Oscars, the
channel apparently hopes to attract men interested in a different precious

Good luck with that.

“Silver Rush” focuses on an attempt to raise sunken treasure
from the ocean floor, using cutting-edge technology operated by an
international crew. The result is a lot of imagery that looks culled right out
of a James Cameron documentary or the opening sequence in “Titanic,” all set to
extremely urgent music, lest anyone forget there’s a lot at stake.

The expense of this sort of fortune-seeking is repeatedly
emphasized, setting up a scenario where the crew must come away with tons of
silver or risk facing financial disaster. It’s all handled in a reasonably
straightforward manner, but the opening hour, anyway, feels like so many of
these other manly-men-trying-to-strike-it-rich programs it’s difficult to exact
the hoped-for adrenaline a rush from the process.

So for those who are drawn to the “thrill of victory and/or agony of defeat”
part of these exercises, here’s a suggestion: DVR the whole thing, and watch the first and last 10
minutes, skipping (or at least mostly excising) what’s in between. Because unless you plan to engineer
your own deep-sea dive, all the rest is just worthless filler.

Oh, and if this works, can “Platinum Rush” be far behind?