Aviva Jacobs, , who worked as associate director on several soap operas and sitcoms, died July 12 of cancer. She was 60 and lived in Culver City, Calif.

Jacobs grew up in Skokie, Ill., devoted to Perry Mason, Lucy, Dobie Gillis and the rest of the prime-time lineup. After studying communications at Boston U., she was hired to work at CBS’s Black Rock building in New York City, and became AD of the “Love of Life” soap.

In 1980, she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked as the AD on shows including “Superior Court,” and “Family Medical Center,” “Big Brother Jake,” “Parenthood,” “Malibu, CA” and “All About Us.”

“Aviva was the kind of AD that most directors can only dream about having by their side,” said Gary Shimokawa, director of “Big Brother Jake.”

After retiring from television, she volunteered her time as manager of the Friends of the Brentwood Library bookstore.

Jacobs is survived by her sister, Nehama Jacobs Warner; two brothers, Michael and Jonathan Jacobs; and a niece, Alixandra Binney.