Telemundo Opens Production Studio to Broaden Auds, Boost Ads

Sci-fi, romantic fantasy are two genres set to bow from Fluency

Telemundo Media

Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo Media is getting into some programming genres not typically attributed to its air: sci-fi and adventure.

The NBCUniversal unit said it would unveil new programs meant to be consumed across a variety of media venues, including mobile video. The new development is part of the opening of Fluency, a new Los Angeles-based studio that aims to produce “multiplatform” content.

“This is about new stories, new content, new formats,” said Jacqueline Hernandez, Telemundo’s chief operating officer, at a press event Thursday. Telemundo “wants to reach even more consumers.”

One series currently in development include “La Buena Mala,” – translated in English, “The Good Bad One” – billed as “a romantic comedy with a fantasy twist. Another, “ISA,” is a sci-fi story with coming-of-age elements. Telemundo said viewers will be given the option to watch episodes of these series individuality or in multiple “binge-watching” sessions.

Citing Nielsen, Telemundo said 68% of Hispanics in the U.S. own a smartphone and spend 11% more time watching mobile video than the general population.

In an interview, Hernandez said forming the studio comes directly in response to sponsors who are seeking ways to weave ad messages in and around programming with more of the network’s voice. Fluency will craft opportunities for marketers that range from product placement and interactive campaigns to the creation of exclusive content. The studio will help blend ad messages with episode premieres and distribution events.

Series developed by Fluency will be distributed by NBCUniversal in venues including television, subscription video on demand and mobile networks.