Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Revel in ‘Colbert Report’s’ Emmy Win

Longtime friends playfully spar over 'Colbert' ending 'Daily Show's' 10-year streak

Colbert Report Emmy Acceptance
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Jon Stewart took a moment at the top of Tuesday’s “Daily Show” to express his heartfelt congratulations and admiration for Stephen Colbert and “The Colbert Report’s” win for variety show at Sunday’s Emmy Awards.

Stephen Colbert took a moment at the top of his show to rub Stewart’s nose in the fact that “Colbert Report” snapped “Daily Show’s” 10-year winning streak in the category.

After telling viewers on his show that he has been “in awe of (‘Colbert’) since day one,” Stewart made a walk-on appearance on the “Colbert” set to congratulate the host who was a “Daily Show” correspondent before striking out with his own Comedy Central show in 2005. Colbert, true to form, was ready to gloat but Stewart didn’t take the bait, at least not at first.

“It is really important to me that I have crushed you,” Colbert told him. “As Mother Teresa once said, it’s not enough to win, others must lose.”

Stewart eventually grabbed one of the two Emmy trophies on Colbert’s desk (the show also won for variety series writing) and bragged that in fact his winning streak was still intact.

“I’m an executive producer on your show so I won again m—–fucker,” Stewart said,

In fact, Colbert made the same point himself backstage at the Emmy ceremony on Sunday regarding Stewart’s streak continuing because of his involvement in “Colbert Report.”

“I’m second to none in my admiration and belief” in the genius of “The Daily Show,” Colbert said on Sunday.

Colbert and Stewart are close friends — so close that Colbert said on-air Tuesday that Stewart is “the emergency contact on my gym membership.”

On his show, Stewart said his only regret was not being in Los Angeles on Sunday night to help Colbert and his team celebrate.

“He had created something never before seen on TV,” Stewart said. “Things happen on that show that could only happen on that show.”