Showtime has renewed racy unscripted skeins “Gigolos” and “Polyamory” and will return the shows to its latenight lineup this year.

“Polyamory,” which quietly entered the TV space but built buzz online after its debut, follows people in polyamorous relationships, though it is unclear if season two will feature the same couples featured in the first season. However, in the fall, one cast member used her blog to call for new polyamorous people to “join” the original cast in the “next chapter” of the show. (At the time of the blog post, the status of “Polyamory’s” future had not been determined.)

“Gigolos” will be brought back for a fourth season. Series centers on the lives of male escorts living in Las Vegas and drew attention when the veracity of the show’s material was questioned by viewers. While “Gigolos” portrays the escorts engaging in setup dates and sexual activities, skein features a disclaimer at the end saying that, effectively, no one taped on the show was paid to have sex.

“Gigolos” is produced by RelativityReal; “Polyamory” is from BermanBraun.