Rupert Murdoch Keeping Succession Plan Secret

News Corp. chief: "They’re not public. The board knows them.”

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Rupert Murdoch may know who will succeed him at News Corp. and 21st Century Fox, but he’s not sharing.

“We have them,” Murdoch said in response to questions about succession plans, adding that it was a matter for the board of directors. “But they’re not public. The board knows them.”

Murdoch spoke at 21st Century Fox’s investor day on Thursday, the first such event for the new company. In June, News Corp. spun off its entertainment assets into a separate and publicly traded entity.

In secretly taped audio recordings which surfaced last month, Murdoch told a roomfull of employees at News Corp. tabloid “The Sun” that either his son, Lachlan Murdoch, or News Corp. chief exec Robert Thomson would succeed him at the new News Corp., which now include publishing assets like the the New York Post and Wall Street Journal. That surprised many observers, who had thought Murdoch’s son James Lachlan to be the heir apparent.