The pilot of “No Brainer,” a quizzer co-developed by Warner Bros. Intl. Television Prods. and Japan’s TV Asahi, will debut at the MipTV mart in Cannes in April.

Series is based on the format of TV Asahi’s hit “Speed King.” The pilot was produced by Blighty’s Wall to Wall at London Studios, making it the first TV Asahi project recorded overseas.

In the show, four friends take a general knowledge test and are ranked in order of intelligence: the least knowledgeable is worth the most cash for the team, and the most knowledgeable is worth five times less.

To win the big cash prize, the whole team must pull together in answering a series of questions — putting potential stress on the underdog, otherwise known as the “No Brainer,” to rack up sizable points for answering questions correctly.

Rules and game play in “No Brainer” have been redeveloped for Stateside and European auds.

Asahi and WB signed a partnership deal in 2012 to co-develop TV formats, which have been produced and aired on TV Asahi. Another new format based on quiz show “The Factory” is in the works.