Quiz show jobs for $2,000

'Jeopardy' contestant lands job even if not top prize

Alison Shapiro may not have won during her recent appearance on “Jeopardy,” but she didn’t walk away empty-handed.

Shapiro’s stint as a contestant on the quizzer yielded $2,000 in cash — and a job as a publicist for the syndie stalwart from Sony Pictures TV and CBS TV Distribution.

After show’s producers found out Shapiro worked at a PR firm in L.A., they asked her to interview for a vacant publicist position. She received a call from CBS execs about three weeks after the taping of her seg, which aired last Friday.

“I thought my time on the show was over, and I was wondering, What do I do with all this knowledge?… I couldn’t believe it had happened again, that ‘Jeopardy’ was calling me again and for something more long lasting than being a contestant on the show,” Shapiro says.

Shapiro, who grew up watching the show, had long dreamed of competing on “Jeopardy.”

“When I wrote on Facebook that I was going on the show people commented, ‘I remember you wanting to do this when you were in high school, I remember you wanting to do this when you were in college,’ ” Shapiro said.

The final question on Shapiro’s episode was about “imaginary characters.” She still can’t believe that a “Jeopardy” job became her reality.

“This is a dream on top of a dream,” she says. “I talked about ‘Jeopardy’ all the time and now I do it professionally. That’s crazy.”