Kevin Spacey introduced two David Fincher-directed episodes of Netflix’s political-themed “House of Cards,” announcing that he was the luckiest person “from New Jersey you ever met.”

The thesp carried on at the Alice Tully Hall screening on Jan. 30: “I worked 155 days for these first 13 (episodes), and it was wonderful, because working with David Fincher when he’s obsessed — and believe me, he’s obsessed with this series — it’s a really good thing!”

As for how evil the D.C. politicos are in the new series, co-star Robin Wright said: “They’re Machiavellian. So the end justifies the means, you know what I’m saying?”

“Oh, we’re all bad!” said Michael Kelly. “There are a couple of good souls, but most everybody you see has something they’ve got to keep in the closet.”

“House of Cards” helmers were out in force at the screening and Tully afterparty, which featured not only Fincher but also Joel Schumacher, James Foley and Carl Franklin.