NuvoTv Picks Up ‘Dexter’ For Basic-Cable Syndie Debut

English-language cabler for young Latinos sees strong appeal in Latino cast, Miami setting

NuvoTv Picks Up 'Dexter' Basic-Cable Syndie

Dexter Morgan lives to cut again — on a basic-cable network that specializes in running English-language programming for Latino audiences.

The Showtime series, which was licensed to Netflix earlier this year, will make its basic-cable premiere on NuvoTv on Jan. 13 ,when the network begins rolling out episodes for all eight seasons, all presented uncut and in their entirety.

Nuvo,  which launched as Si TV in 2004 and recast itself as Nuvo in 2011, is counting on “Dexter’s” large Latino cast  and Miami setting to appeal to viewers, said Bill Hilary, the network’s exec veep of programming, in an interview.  “It’s what we are about. It’s got a real Latino point of view,” he said, adding that launch of the show on Nuvo would serve as a “big statement” at the start of 2014.

The series’ cast includes Lauren Velez, David Zayas, Angel Juan Marcos Batista, Aimee Garcia, Christian Camargo, Edward James Olmos and Jimmy Smits. Michael C. Hall played the title character.  In support of the series’ January premiere on NuvoTv, the network has launched a dedicated area on its website at mynuvotv.com/dexter.

Nuvo has exclusive basic-cable access to “Dexter” for nine months as part of its content-licensing pact with CBS, which represented sister network Showtime, said Hilary. After nine months, Nuvo will continue to run the series, but will not have exclusive rights to do so as a deal with another cable outlet is in the offing. Nuvo intends to run two fresh episodes each week, along with re-airings, but does not intend to glut its air with multiple “Dexter” episodes, the executive said.

Negotiations with CBS were “protracted” and tough,” Hilary said, while noting”we managed to get a great deal.” Financial terms were not disclosed.

Nuvo, which counts actress and singer Jennifer Lopez as a partner and chief creative officer, intends to give “Dexter” episodes an hour and 15 minutes to run, so as not to cut any of the conten., said Hilary. The network may audibly block out certain profanities, he added, but would not make cuts to the program.

Network executives feel there is a potentially large audience for “Dexter,”  which has largely appeared only on premium cable. Even so, repeats of the show’s first season aired in edited fashion on CBS in February of 2008 during the writers strike that forced a dwindling of much original broadcast-network programming.

In October, CBS struck a megabucks licensing deal with Netflix which made the first four seasons of “Dexter” available starting on Halloween. Seasons five through eight are set to debut on the streaming-video service starting on Jan. 1.

Nuvo expects to ramp up acquired programming in months to come, said Hilary. “It’s early days yet,” he said.