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Fringe” fans rarely knew what would come next on the sci-fi series, but one thing was for certain: Walter Bishop would take copious amounts of drugs, crave every kind of food imaginable and say the most inappropriate things about any type of situation.

Over the years, Walter was responsible for coining nicknames for the alternate universe version of characters (his double was Walternate, Olivia’s was Fauxlivia), snappy insults (“vagenda”), dozens of alternatives for Astrid’s name (Astral, Alex, Afro and Asteroid were a few of the gems), criticism over snacks (Pop Tarts: “delicious, strawberry-flavored death”; papaya: “the friendliest of fruits”), and sharing entirely too much information about his bodily functions and sexual past.

And for the man who had to make those pieces of dialogue plausible, what stood out most was one of the Walterisms that kicked everything off.

“It’s funny, probably the first time I delivered a line where people understood what Walter was about was in the pilot when he says, ‘Oh, I think I’ve pissed myself just a squirt,’ ” recalls John Noble. “And that sort of set people like, ‘What?’ I remember doing that line quite vividly and the director just cracking up laughing.”

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