MTV has pulled the plug on latenight talkshow “Nikki & Sara Live” after two seasons, Variety has confirmed.

Announcement was first made on Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer’s podcast “You Had To Be There.”

“To clarify we were not cancelled,” Schaefer said in the podcast. “We weren’t picked up. Cancelled implies at midseason they axed you because you were failing. We were not failing. I want to be very clear. Our ratings were up from season one. Our ratings were comparable, if not better, than every other cable, late night show. I’m very proud of the show that we did. I’m very grateful that we got to do it. But MTV decided it just wasn’t part of their programming future.”

“Nikki & Sara Live” debuted on MTV in January and wrapped its second season at the end of October. It aired Tuesday nights at 11 p.m.