Nielsen has conducted its first research on how much viewing occurs beyond the live-plus-7 measurement period, finding “sizeable” pockets of audience extending as far as 29 days later.

Some of the shows watched in the newly dubbed “beyond-7” period add an entire rating point, according to the audience-measurement firm’s latest cross-platform report, for the third quarter of 2012. While Nielsen doesn’t divulge which specific series added the most viewers after seven days, the report found that just over 5% of the total audience for the top 10 shows in broadcast and cable in the beyond-7 ranking is aggregated in this period.

In primetime, Nielsen found that science-fiction programming in particular seemed to have the most staying power. Unsurprisingly among broadcast shows, primetime dramas and sitcoms are tops in beyond-7, while sports programming is not. In cable, child-oriented programming accounts for over half of the top 20 programs in beyond-7.

Research may have added resonance as broadcasters have called on Nielsen to extend their measurement period beyond C3 to C7 given audience declines registered during the opening months of the fall TV season.