NBC Can’t Find its ‘Donor Party’ Man

Lionsgate/Universal TV comedy pilot tabled because of casting

NBC Can't Find its 'Donor Party' Man

A network pilot order does not a pilot make, especially when casting issues trip up production on a fledgling project.

Such is presently the case with NBC comedy pilot “Donor Party,” which was ordered by the Peacock in mid-January. Single-cam laffer, penned by Alex Schemmer, centers on an irresponsible man who finds he has to grow up quickly when he discovers he has children resulting from his days as a sperm donor.

Only problem is, Peacock can’t find their man.

Due to difficulty finding the lead for the Lionsgate/Universal TV project, NBC is shelving “Donor Party” for the time being and removing it as a contender for Peacock’s fall lineup.

Net emphasized to Variety that the project isn’t being shutdown, however, and that the show will be produced when the right topliner emerges.

Insiders say this pilot season has seen a difficult time casting projects. CBS’ untitled comedy from Tad Quill and the Rottenberg/Zuritsky “Mother’s Day” project both have not been cast, though Eye still plans to move forward with the laffers. Peacock’s “Wonderland” and “Blacklist” projects have also been slow to cast.