Nat Geo Sets Next Live Stunt with Skyscraper Climb

Cablers including Nat Geo, Discovery turning to live, high-risk events for ratings success

Nat Geo Sets Next Live Stunt

National Geographic Channel has lined up its next live daredevil stunt, this time involving skyscrapers.

“Live Climb with Alex Honnold” will air this fall and feature rock climber Honnold as he attempts to scale one of the tallest buildings in the world. Network is keeping the specific building hush-hush until closer to the telecast due to safety concerns.

“I’ve always loved climbing in all forms and this is an amazing opportunity to push my own climbing into interesting new terrain. I’ve admired the aesthetics of sky scrapers my whole life; it’s great to be able to climb one” said 27-year-old Honnold.

Programming event follows the success of Nat Geo’s live broadcast of Felix Baumgartner’s “Space Dive.” Discovery Channel also secured high ratings and social media response to its own live daredevil telecast with “Skywire.”

“Live Climb with Alex Honnold” is produced by Sender Films.