MTV, VH1, CMT Launch Artist Opportunities Hub to Help Budding Musicians

Power given to fans to select which artists land exposure opportunities


One criticism frequently leveled at nets including MTV, VH1 and CMT centers on how far these cablers have strayed from their original focus — music.

While this observation certainly holds weight given that shows like “Teen Mom” and “Mob Wives” are ratings gets on those nets, the trio of Viacom cablers have not lost sight of the importance of music in their brand, as seen with the launch of the “artist opportunities hub” for MTV, VH1 and CMT.

Online platforms launched today — Artists.MTV, Artists.VH1, and Artists.CMT — are part of Viacom Music and Logo Group’s Connected Content Network and let artists create accounts that can lead to broader fan reach and increased exposure on the networks’ airwaves.

Given that the Viacom footprint is deep (reaching over 100 million homes on-air, while the Connected Content Network reaches a monthly aud of almost 50 million visitors), this kind of exposure is invaluable to budding chantoosies and bands.

Opportunities available through the platforms include music video rotation on nets like MTV, VH1, CMT and their spinoff nets; music video and music track circulation on the network trio’s online editorial sites; and opportunities to perform at Hunter Hayes’ Gotham show and at Hangout Festival in Alabama.

Fans who engage with the platforms ultimately decide which artists are selected for each opportunity.

“We’re going back to our roots of connecting artists to fans and empowering them to subsidize, support and help their favorite bands get heard, not just by their friends and peers, but by the entire country,” said Van Toffler, president of Viacom Music Group. “Starting today, artists of all levels and genres will be featured across our television channels, sites, stages, blogs, social channels, concert tours, radio shows, and most importantly, provided a direct link to their fans via artist platform.”

In the coming months, MTV, VH1 and CMT have plans to roll out a mobile app and artist commerce tool to complement the initiative as well.