In Miley Cryus’ new “Saturday Night Live” promos for her hosting gig this Saturday, she finally answers the question on everyone’s mind: What’s up with her tongue, and why can’t it stay in her mouth?

“It’s how I smell,” she explained to SNL cast member Taran Killam.

“Like a snake?” asked Killam.

“Yeah,” she answered. “Are you wearing women’s deodorant?”

“SNL” has often been a place for hosts to make fun of themselves for past mistakes- see Lindsay Lohan, or even Tina Fey as she poked fun at her Emmys wardrobe malfunction in the promos for her hosting spot last week- and Cyrus also used that to her advantage. She nd Killam also touched on her controversial VMAs performance, which made her twerk famous, with mock indignation.

“I mean, it was too much,” yelled Killam. “The children!”

“And what was I wearing?” Cyrus added.

“And doing!”

“Don’t forgot about the children!” Cyrus exclaimed before smiling for the cameras.

Along with hosting, Cyrus will also serve as the musical guest for this Saturday’s “SNL.”