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Feb. 21, 2003: First show. F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “There are no second acts in American lives.” Well, HBO gave me one. I was back in my old studio. Even in my old office. Same staff. It was like nothing had changed … and yet everything had. For the better.

July 30, 2004: Michael Moore and I got down on our knees to beg Ralph Nader not to run for president again. Apparently, we were very persuasive.

April 8, 2005: Ian McShane from “Deadwood” called me a “cocksucker.”

May 6, 2005: I asked ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to sum up President George W. Bush in one word. She said: “Nuts.”

Oct. 19, 2007: A gang of “Truthers” disrupted our live show. I jumped off the stage to boot them out.

Feb. 26, 2010: The panel discussion was interrupted by a surprise visit from my friend Chris Rock. He just happened to be in the building. It was like Don Rickles popping in on Johnny Carson.

Sept. 17, 2010: I showed an old “Politically Incorrect” clip of Christine O’Donnell admitting to long ago flirting with witchcraft ceremonies. You’re welcome, Sen. Chris Coons.

Oct. 29, 2010: Two for one: I interviewed ex-U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Then, later, Zach Galifianakis pretended to light up a joint on the set and America fell for it. He’s such a fine actor.

Aug. 5, 2011: I got sick just before the live show. My buddy Seth MacFarlane waited in the wings as I made it through the taping. Then I rushed to my dressing room to throw up. Seth sub-hosted our Internet segment, “Overtime.” And now he’s doing the Oscars. Ah, show business.

Oct. 26, 2012: I did a New Rule demanding to see Donald Trump’s birth certificate to prove he’s not an orangutan. Everyone got the joke except … and now he’s suing me. Stay tuned.

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