12:45pm: </done>

12:45pm: NBC begins to wrap up past the 90-minute mark. Greenblatt says they’ve been planning this Upfront for five months, and introduces the Roots for one last performance as suits dash for the exits.

12:38pm: Hands down the funniest part of the presentation is the Leno-Fallon duet, a belting medley covering all aspects of NBC. “Maybe NBC will beat Univision,” Leno croons. When Fallon sings that Greenblatt makes good decisions, Leno chirps back, “What about ‘Ready for Love’?”

12:34pm: Select clips from “SNL” play after an intro from Paul Telegdy, and end up garnering the most laughs of the entire presentation. Segs from Leno and Fallon also perform well in room, reminding the aud of NBC’s strength in latenight, even after the PR mess that was the “Tonight Show” baton handoff.

12:29pm: Greenblatt takes a moment towards the end of the presentation to comment on NBC’s late night lineup, saying the net owes a great amount of gratitude to Jay Leno. The room applauds the mention of Leno, and the nod to new “Late Night” host Seth Meyers, who is in the audience.

12:19pm: NBC’s presentation transitions to sports with Mark Lazarus. Several advertisers take it as an opportunity to hit the head, or the exit.

12:10pm: Jennifer Salke is interrupted during her intro of “Ironside” as the audience applauds Blair Underwood.

12:07pm: A look at “Dracula” that certainly speaks to its origins from the “Downton Abbey” team. Period piece reads on screen almost like a sudsy graphic novel, though certain fang scenes play almost like unintentional camp.

11:53am: “About a Boy” and “The Family Guide’s” emotional resonance play out pretty well, though “About a Boy’s” clip lands more laughter. “Undateable’s” dude-centric humor seems to please the suits in the room.

11:42am: “Welcome to the Family” clip goes over decently with the room. “Sean Saves the World” studio audience laugh track on the clip distracts from the lack of laughs in Radio City.

11:34am: Clip of Michael J. Fox’s new show starts off slowly but begins to get laughs with playful pokes and self-deprecating asides about Fox’s character.

11:29am: Reminder of “Community’s” 13-episode renewal draws a few cheers from the aud.

11:27am: Presenting the fall schedule to the room, Greenblatt dubs Sean Hayes and Micheal J. Fox’s frosh laffer the “big guns,” and Sunday night football “the night to beat.”

11:20am: Greeenblatt takes the stage and puts media members on their toes as he teases that there has been a tweak to the late night plans, and that he’s  glad it didn’t leak to the press yet. The secret? Greenblatt quips he will be taking over for “The Tonight Show,” with an image of him at the desk. He says he objected for the room. Unfortunately, the gag drew only quiet laughs in the room.

11:15am: NBC offers a clip featuring Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman discussing potential programming. Offerman suggests a show about duck hunting. “Ron, that exists. It’s called ‘Duck Dynasty.” Clip draws some laughs in the room.

11:06am: Presentation begins. NBC touts that it has spent $23 million on programming. It’s not the easiest crowd, though, given the hits the net has taken over the last several months.

11:00am: Upfront presentation has yet to begin. The Roots still playing. People bobbing their head to music from our side vantage point: none.

10:56am: Stress over where to sit alleviated by The Roots, who are jamming on the Radio City stage. “Ask not what NBC can do for you, but what you can do for NBC,” one member of the band said to the blossoming aud as an electric guitar wailed in the background.

10:45am: The mad dash to Radio City Music Hall for NBC’s Upfront presentation was met with a sudden hitting of the brakes as advertisers, journos and other media professionals came face-to-face with a line that stretched down 50th street past 5th Ave. Hundreds trickled into the event one by one, with each bag being searched and each suit-clad body scanned with security wands.

(Pictured: Bob Greenblatt, “The Blacklist’s Megan Boone and James Spader and Jennifer Salke)