11:46am: The CW runs a tight ship and wraps the presentation by 11:45. Happy Upfront Week, everyone!

11:36am: Trailer for “Star Crossed” drew some laughs in the crowd — only problem? It’s a drama. The series centers on a world where humans and aliens mingle in a high school setting — aliens are simply very attractive people with a few black marks on their face (think haphazardly-applied mascara). I guess they really are tightening the belt on makeup fx budgets these days…

11:30am: After the cutdown of “Reign,” Adelaide Kane walks on stage in the regal, period garb of her character on the show — something no other thesps have done during the week’s presentations. It’s a nice touch, and makes her stand out in the endless talent crowd.

11:22am: The Amell cousins take the stage. They evidently got the “Throwback Thursday” memo, and a photo of them as babies is projected behind them. “Awwww,” goes the aud.

11:15am: The cutdown for “TVD” spinoff “The Originals” is everything that the CW does well, it seems — it’s sudsy, fantastical, a smidge overdramatic and the cast is ridiculously good-looking. After Pedowitz hugs one cast member on stage, he quips, “I’m very self-assured with my sexuality.”

11:09am: Pedowitz touting how shows like “Arrow” brought more men to the net. He also calls “The Vampire Diaries” a “new paradigm” hit — meaning it performs strongly not just on broadcast for the net, but across digital and social media platforms as well.

11:06am: Mark Pedowitz takes the stage, with Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev from “The Vampire Diaries” by his side. They greet the audience and then aren’t quite sure what to do on stage. During a brief moment of downtime in their intro, I realize they were once a couple and just broke up and teens on Twitter must be freaking out.

11:02am: Icona Pop opens the presentation with hit song “I Love It!” All of our bracelets begin lighting up to the beat of the song. The entire audience is a sea of blipping colored lights, really a sight to see. A gleeful gasp escaped from the aud when the bracelets lit up for the first time.

10:54am: How do I become friends with this violinist and DJ? They’re called The Dolls. Will they be at the party tonight? How do I convince them I don’t want to interview them and actually just want to be their BFF? On another note: someone next to me has a flip phone and she’s texting on it. I am mystified. Al giant screens flanking the stage remind us that the CW has the most attractive talent.

10:48am: It wouldn’t be a CW event without a slew of models greeting you. The tall pretty folk mingled at the entrance of City Center, reminding attendees of “ughhhh.” Inside, a DJ and rock violinist riff on Top 40 hits — pretty cool. We all received wristbands with some sort of radio-controlled LED light in ’em. I’ve heard, by the way, that rabid teen fans of CW shows had been lingering in front of The London Hotel — which has been housing the net’s talent — since Tuesday night!

10:46am: Everyone at City Center somehow survived last night’s round of parties, including Adult Swim and Tru TV. I have sunglasses on. Struggling.